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Performance Impact Rating (PIR) is a measure of a 3rd party technology’s impact on page load time.
PIR = (performance violation + delay page load violation) / page views

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The 3rd Party Performance Index provides detailed data on the performance of 3rd party technologies across eCommerce sites, analyzing and ranking 500 of the most commonly used 3rd parties to understand the full impact 3rd parties can have on site performance.

The data in this report was collected from over 1,500 eCommerce sites using YOTTAA’s digital experience optimization solutions. As part of the YOTTAA platform, our 3rd Party Knowledge Base is a comprehensive repository of 3rd party data that grows with every page view. Through this knowledge base, the YOTTAA platform has deep visibility into site performance data from over 1,000 3rd parties used by our customers. The YOTTAA platform also detects site performance violations of individual 3rd parties. These violations are used to create Performance Impact Ratings (PIR) for each 3rd party in the index. This index focuses on the performance of the top 500 most widely adopted 3rd parties.
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Performance Impact Rating
A Performance Impact Rating (PIR) is a rating that indicates how an individual 3rd party affects page load times. The PIR is calculated by adding a 3rd party’s performance violations and the delay page load violations together and then dividing by the number of page views of the site. This performance indicator demonstrates the impact that each 3rd party has on shopper experience and online conversions.

Performance Violations are individual errors that occur when a single 3rd party takes longer than 1 second to load.

Delay Page Load Violations are individual errors that occur when a single 3rd party extends the time it takes for a shopper to be able to interact with a site.

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