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Powered by data collected from over 1,500 eCommerce sites, the SpeedHub's benchmark data allows brands to gather real eCommerce statistics to prioritize projects better, learn how they stack up, and build business cases for change. Whether it's the performance impact of 3rd parties on your site, site speed metrics, or platform and industry-based data, this easy-to-use, searchable benchmark data will give you deep insight into how your site is performing.

Core Web Vital Focus

Core Web Vital Focus

This focus report benchmarks Core Web Vital performance across more than 250 leading eCommerce sites.

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Coming Soon: The Site Speed Standard

Drawing on the real shopping activity of more than 25 Billion page views across 200 top retailers, the Site Speed Standard shines the light on the need for speed and its impact on the shopper journey, from bounce to buy.

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