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Site Speed Standard

The Site Speed Standard is the benchmark that measures the experience impact of site speed and performance, drawing on the shopping activity of more than 25 billion page views across 200 leading retailers.

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Site Speed Standard

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If you're interested in site speed then you won't want to miss the 2021 Site Speed Summit, the leading virtual conference for eCommerce site performance. Join top retail brands and industry thought leaders to hear best practices to speed up page load times, improve shopper experience, and boost conversion.

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Our Mission

While site speed is a critical success factor for digital brands, eCommerce professionals are often frustrated by a lack of aggregated online content and community resources around this topic. The eCommerce Speed Hub’s mission is to provide online retailers with a centralized repository of site performance content so they can learn how site speed impacts shopper experience, online conversion, and much more. The Speed Hub covers a wide range of topics and includes performance benchmark data from over 1,500 eCommerce sites, as well as a community portal where retailers can network and learn from each other.