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High Volume, High Velocity Sales

Tips to make sure your eCommerce site can securely handle increased traffic during big sales, Cyber 5, and beyond.

The Site Speed Summit, a virtual eCommerce conference focusing on the importance of site speed, took place on September 28, 2021. The final session of the day was a discussion with Jenna Posner, VP of Digital at Snipes and Ben Trafton, VP of Client Services at YOTTAA about how to successfully execute high volume sales. The video segments below offer tips to make sure your eCommerce site can handle the increase in traffic during big sales, Cyber 5, and beyond.

Preparing your eCommerce site for Cyber 5 traffic

Snipes USA is a German street wear company that specializes in high demand sneakers. They offer regularly scheduled shoe drops as part of their sales cycle. During this session, Posner explained that their eCommerce site must be able to expertly manage high demand, high velocity sneaker sales as often as 3 times a week. She compared an individual shoe drop to what most eCommerce sites experience on Black Friday. Posner said that a successful shoe drop is not only selling out of sneakers but also retaining site stability and speed during the drop. In the video segment below, Trafton explains how eCommerce brands can prepare for a positive outcome in high velocity, high demand situations.

Improving site Speed and managing 3rd parties during high traffic times -- like shoe drops or the Cyber 5 is the key to successful high volume, high velocity sales. Posner shared, “The faster we are the higher the conversions.”

This is true for every eCommerce site. Data from the Site Speed Standard reveals that saving just 1 second on page load time can increase conversion rate to 5.7% on mobile and 3.3% on desktop.

Site security and bot mitigation are other important factors brands should address when preparing for high traffic. Watch the video clip below to learn how Snipes deals with these issues.

Bot detection and mitigation

Snipes works to thwart bad traffic and keep track of problems with 3rd parties on their site during shoe drops.  All eCommerce sites should keep this top of mind during Cyber 5 or any high-volume sales period. The video segment below discusses tools to keep your eCommerce site secure during Cyber 5 and beyond.

Don’t go at it alone

Snipes relies on a network of partners to help them make the most of high traffic times on their site. Learn more below:

Click HERE to watch this session of the in full.