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Optimizing the Shopper Journey

Learn how optimizing the shopper journey on your eCommerce site will help your brand increase conversion rates and decrease bounce rates.

The Site Speed Summit, a virtual eCommerce conference focusing on all things relating to Site Speed took place on September 28. Kandice Carlson, Head of Global Retail Marketing at Google Cloud, led a panel discussion about optimizing the eCommerce shopper journey. The panel, which included Kate MacCabe, VP of Product at Brooklinen, Kamanasish Kundu, Director of eCommerce for Pandora North America, and Rich Tawney, VP of eCommerce at VSP Global Retail, discussed the importance of optimizing PDPs to best connect with their customers. The short video segments below are a great introduction of how your brand can optimize your eCommerce site for higher conversion rates and lower bounce rates. If you’d like to watch the panel discussion in full, click HERE.

Fast sites yield conversions

Carlson began the panel discussion by reminding attendees that when pages load quickly, shoppers buy.” The video clip below offers some statistics on the importance of site speed to conversion rates:

Optimizing 3rd parties is a winning strategy

The panelists all agreed that 3rd party technologies are necessary for their brands to connect with shoppers. The problem they all share is that these technologies also slow page load time to an unacceptable level.  In this video clip, Kundu explains how Pandora has solved this problem:

Teamwork is the key to fast PDPs

In this segment MacCabe tells how the technology and product design teams at Brooklinen have worked together to optimize their PDPs to better support product bundling with great results.

The need for accurate on-site search

Carlson also spoke about the importance of brands providing accurate on-site search and provided important data about what happens when shoppers receive irrelevant search results:

Brooklinen has invested in a 3rd party to power on-site search and the results have exceeded expectations. More of their shoppers are now using search and those shoppers are converting to buyers at a much higher rate.

Speed wins

In this final segment, Kundu succinctly summarizes the importance of eCommerce site speed:

This panel discussion from the Site Speed Summit has so much more valuable information about how your brand can optimize the shopper journey for higher conversion rates! If you’d like to watch it in full, click HERE.