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eCommerce Site Speed and KPIs

Site Speed has a big impact on KPIs. Learn how your brand can optimize your eCommerce site to improve conversion rates and your bottom line.

The Site Speed Summit, a virtual eCommerce event, took place on September 28, 2021 with well over 500 attendees. Rob Garf, VP and GM of Retail at Salesforce led a panel discussion focusing on the impact site speed has on KPIs. Garf was joined by Kelley Coleman, Executive Director of eCommerce at Tarte Cosmetics, Sadiki Christie, Senior Director of Digital Development and OMS at Ralph Lauren, and Nicole Diel, Director of Engineering at Saks OFF 5th.

Below are some video segments from the panel discussion that offer insight to how your eCommerce brand can improve KPIs. If you’d like to view the session in full, click HERE.

Measuring up

Garf started the discussion with the importance of benchmark data that allows eCommerce brands to compare their site performance to others in their vertical and beyond. Salesforce is constantly collecting data that allows brands to measure their eCommerce site performance against other top brands. The Site Speed Standard, available on this site, is another great data benchmark that can be used for comparisons. Watch the segment below to learn more.

Don’t snooze on site speed

Garf told attendees, “Speed counts, every second counts.” He then offered statistics revealing how important site speed is to raising conversion rates and lowering bounce rates. Learn more:


Ralph Lauren and mobile ROI

In this video clip, Christie explains how Ralph Lauren has realized a big ROI, especially from mobile users, by optimizing to improve site speed.


Tarte and 3rd party tech

Below, Kelley Coleman shares how Tarte optimizes and orders 3rd parties and other assets to increase site performance:

Small tips for big success

Christie tells how Ralph Lauren implements small changes to make a big difference.

If you’d like more information about how to improve your eCommerce site’s KPIs, watch this session in full HERE.