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The Value of One Second

Shaving just 1 second off page load time results in higher conversion and lower bounce rates.

Just 1 Second

Online retailers have long suspected a relationship between site speed and conversion rate. But without data to prove it, site speed has often taken a backseat in importance to some of the flashier technology available to dress up eCommerce sites. However, the new Site Speed Standard benchmark data, collected from more than 25 billion page views tracked across 5 billion buyer sessions, proves that decreasing page load time by just 1 second throughout a buyer’s journey delivers some amazing advantages:

Higher conversion rates

A decrease of 1 second in page load time on mobile devices across a buyer’s journey lifts conversion rates by 5.7%. Desktop devices see a 3.3% lift.

Lower bounce rates

The faster a page loads, the less likely a potential buyer will bounce. 1 second of page load improvement helps reduce bounce rate by 12% on both mobile and desktop.  

More page views

Buyers view more pages per journey on faster sites. A performance increase of just 1 second delivers about a half page more per session. Viewing an extra page is important because two-thirds of page views are on category pages or product description pages, meaning that a brand has more time to show more of their product line to buyers.

What’s next?  

The video below offers more information about the benfits of faster speed site.

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